Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Designer Dress Look-a-Likes

These are not just look-a-likes, they look the exact same!! The first is an adorable jersey dress by Halston. And yes, it is the dress worn by Carrie on the Sex and the City 2 movie poster! I actually bought the XOXO version last spring not realizing it was a look-a-like or that it was a copy of the dress worn on the movie poster. But I love the dress! It is pretty and it is comfortable. And it can be dressed up or dressed down. Just don't wear it to a wedding! White is for the bride!
The second dress is by Black Halo. It's perfect for work and for an evening out to a nice dinner. You could even wear it to a wedding! Just a very classic and elegant black dress.

Which would you buy? The look-a-like or the designer version?

Halston Heritage Jersey Dress – Neiman Marcus $325
XOXO Dolman Sleeve Dress – Macy’s $20.99 (ugh, I paid full price when I bought this a few months ago)

Black Halo Dress – Revolve Clothing $345
Style me Now Dress – Mod Cloth $64.99

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Non-Strapless Wedding Gowns

Strapless wedding gowns are stunning. But they are not for everyone. While I didn't need to go shopping for a gown for my wedding, (I wore my grandmother's dress) I did go with some friends and tried some on for fun. I remember being in a few stores and my friend and I asked, at all of the stores, for non-strapless dresses. And they replied that they didn't have any!! All of the 3-4 stores we visited! They only had strapless! I was so relieved to have my grandmother's dress. While I love strapless dresses, they just were not for me on my wedding day. I would not have felt secure in one. My friend, that felt the same way about strapless, was told she could add straps. But sometimes the straps don't provide the neckline you are looking for.

While researching dresses for this post, it was easier than I expected. There seems to be more non-strapless options out there than there were two years ago. So here are some beautiful gown options for those wanting to go the non-strapless route.

* Please note that some of these prices are estimates based on what I have seen online. For many, you would have to visit a wedding salon for the exact price.

Selia Yang Serina – $3000+
Vera Wang Ethel - $$$$$

Reva Mivasagar Leaf - $3000+
David Tutera for Faviana Marcia - @$ 400

Jcrew Anouk Gown - $695
JS Collection One Shoulder Gown Nordstroms - $198

David’s Bridal Tiered Gown - $169.99
David’s Bridal Floral Burnout - $215

Ann Taylor Grecian Gown - $275
Alfred Angelo Style 838 - @ $825

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Designer Sale Website Invites!

Here are invites to a bunch of designer sample sale websites. They feature limited time sales everyday and huge discounts on designer items!! Some now go beyond fashion and also offer discounts on hotels, cruises, wine, and household items! I'm addicted to stalking these sites!

The Sample Sale



Seen On

The Outnet (No invite needed)





Editors Closet

Beyond the Rack

The Top Secret

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Unleash Your Inner Pin Up Girl

I love vintage mod retro pinup clothing. I know that sounds specific. But I'm talking about the Anthropologie and Bettie Page styles. They are so feminine and sexy, but still appropriate for most occasions. I'd like to shout out Kerri at From Lazy to Lady for giving me the idea to do this post today. She told me to find dresses to wear under the Hostess Aprons I posted yesterday and suggested the pin up look. So now you should be all set for being the most stylish hostess for your next dinner party!

Sweetbriar Dress - $168 Anthropologie (I think this is my favorite!!)
Viloet Hill Dress - $54.99 Ruche

Summer Spritzer Dress - $74.99 Mod Cloth
Origami Dress - $69.95 Anthropologie

Mod Dotted Satin Dress - $22.80 Forever 21
Cherry Sundress - $84 Pin up Girl Clothing

Casserole Queen Dress - $54.99 Mod Cloth
Confetti Bettie Dress - $31.50 Lulus

Anchors Away Dress - $35.99 Mona et June
Ali Rio Gingham - $198 Bluefly

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hostess Aprons

Hostess aprons are adorable. Period. They are the best way to be fashionable while cooking. You can look cute and protect the outfit you have on underneath. A hostess apron is a must for anyone that entertains often. Chances are you'll be checking up on things in the oven after the guest's have arrived. And you don't want anything to splatter on your new dress! So stay cute and wear one of these. I'm in love with them all! Which one is your favorite?

Neema Apron - Target $29.99
Summer Yellow Apron - Daisy Shoppe $28.96

Summer Oranges Apron - Jessie Steele $32.95
Sweetheart Apron - Etsy $28

The Lady's Apron - The Apron Shoppe $39.99

H.M.S. Pinefore Apron - ModCloth $117.99 (my favorite. of course it's the most expensive. Figures!)
Full Apron - Etsy $45

Chocolate Mint Apron - The Hip Hostess $39
Tea and Crumpets Apron - Anthropologie $32 (My other favorite. Much more affordable!)