Monday, August 16, 2010

Hostess Aprons

Hostess aprons are adorable. Period. They are the best way to be fashionable while cooking. You can look cute and protect the outfit you have on underneath. A hostess apron is a must for anyone that entertains often. Chances are you'll be checking up on things in the oven after the guest's have arrived. And you don't want anything to splatter on your new dress! So stay cute and wear one of these. I'm in love with them all! Which one is your favorite?

Neema Apron - Target $29.99
Summer Yellow Apron - Daisy Shoppe $28.96

Summer Oranges Apron - Jessie Steele $32.95
Sweetheart Apron - Etsy $28

The Lady's Apron - The Apron Shoppe $39.99

H.M.S. Pinefore Apron - ModCloth $117.99 (my favorite. of course it's the most expensive. Figures!)
Full Apron - Etsy $45

Chocolate Mint Apron - The Hip Hostess $39
Tea and Crumpets Apron - Anthropologie $32 (My other favorite. Much more affordable!)

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