Thursday, October 1, 2009

Designer Shoe Look-a-Likes

Here are some great designer shoe looks for less. They all happen to be black, but some may come in other colors too. These shoes are all great Fall looks for this season. Some people may prefer the designer quality and brand, but for those who just can't make the splurge, enjoy the same look for a lot less money!

Valentino Tattoo Sandal - $358 Neiman Marcus
Martinez Valero Courtney Cage Sandal - $96.22 Endless

Balenciaga Ankle Wrap Sandals - $949.99 Bluefly
Rocawear Hayden - $84 Zappos

L.A.M.B. Camden Bootie - $416 (sold out all over in black and yellow)
Ruffles - $59.99 Bakers

Motorcycle Booties - $1155 Alexander McQueen
Seryna - $149.95 Steve Madden

Alexander McQueen Grommet Booties - $590.49 Zappos
Gabriella Rocha Nanuck Studio - $95 Zappos

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  1. Brilliant. So incredibly informative. It's so great to see how runway translates to the retail market. I will definitely be looking for Steve Madden Shoes