Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Studded!

Studs are all over everything right now! They add a rock style of detail to bags, shoes, jeans, dresses, etc. You can find pieces that focus on studs, but there are also many that use studs just as a highlight. decide how studded you want to be before choosing your pieces, or go for a combo of both. I personally think that an outfit only needs one studded piece. Anymore than that and it might be overkill. Here are some hot pieces that can be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Be & D Garbo Woven Tote - $572 The Outnet
Michael Kors Astor Studded-Pocket Flare Jeans - $79.99 Macy’s (on sale now!)

Chemistry Shift Dress - $30 Lulus
Gemstone Studded Belt – $12.99 Olala

Studded Platform Pump - $27.30 Go Jane
Stud Hair Clip - $1.30 Go Jane

Valiah Studded Fringe Tote - $16.99 Forever 21
Rafe Hilary Studded Metallic Large Linen Tote - $375 Bloomingdales

Aqua Studded Crowl Neck Top - $78 Bloomingdales
Studded Knit Top - $22.80 Forever 21

Jean-Michel Cazabat Platform - $149.50 Barney’s (on sale now!)
Anne Michelle Survivor Studded Heels - $24.75 Make Me Chic

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