Friday, July 31, 2009

Build Your Suit Wardrobe

Build a Suit Wardrobe
Buying a suit is a huge pain! First of all, most of them are not flattering, so you have to go to a million places and try on a million styles before you find the style that is actually flattering to your body type. Then, if you work in an industry that requires a suit everyday, you have to find enough pieces that you are not wearing the same thing everyday! And, to top it all off, it gets expensive! So I am going to attempt to build a suite wardrobe that isn’t overly expensive and is actually stylish.

Start With Basics:
Begin with the basics. Buy matching jacket, pants, and skirt when possible. I’d suggest getting it in 2 colors if possible. Black, grey, tan and brown are the most common colors and are what a suggest since they are neutrals. I personally enjoy the fit of NY&CO., which is featured below. They also offer a huge variety of sizes. For each color, stick to one brand and buy all three pieces together so the colors and fabric match exactly. Also, many brands sell suits as sets. His can make it easy to match the colors and fabrics. Yes, they look boring, but I will show you how to make them have some style.

7th Avenue Straight Leg Pants - $39.95 NY&CO
City Stretch two Button Jacket - $59.95 NY&CO

City Stretch Pencil Skirt - $32.95 NY&CO
Calvin Klein Two-Button Jacket & Classic Pants - $179.96 Macy’s

Get a couple of Dresses:
I suggest getting a couple of dresses that can pass in the suit category. They tend to be more stylish and it should be easier and less frustrating to find one that is flattering.

Evangeline Dress - $29.80 Forever 21
Stretch Wool Noir Shift Dress - $178 Jcrew

Men Draped Pinstripe Dress - $168 Anne Klein
Shift Dress with Pockets - $89.50 Ann Taylor Loft

Now for the Shoes:
You don’t need a lot of shoes for your work wardrobe. I would go with neutral colors, but you can throw in a couple of colors for fun. I also suggest getting heels as well as flats.

Rampage Mystic Shoe - $49.99
Guess Carrie Pumps - $90 Bloomingdales

Stud Trim Flat - $12 Go Jane
Buckle Front Flat - $11 Go Jane

Tops and Blouses:
Here is where you can have a little fun and spice up your outfit! When shopping for your tops, it doesn’t hurt to bring along your suit jacket so you can see how it will look in the dressing room. Blouses can be fun too! You don’t have to get a plain, boring one. There are so many styles out there now with little details that are making them have more character. I suggest getting a variety of blouses, cami's, and shirts so you have many looks to choose from depending on what you have going on each day.

Janine Ruffle Shirt - $15.80 Forever 21
Solid Short Sleeve Shirt - $26.95 NY&CO

Chiffon Ruffle Top - $29.95 NY&CO
Belinda Sleeveless Shirt - $15.80 Forever 21

Crochet Back Silk Top - $19.80 Forever 21
Cotton / Silk Ribbon Blouse - $60 Banana Republic

Add the Accessories:
Accessories can make the outfit. When dressing for work, classics are often the best way to go. I am a huge fan of layering pearls. But another great addition can be adding a broach or a pin. I always like to have a variety of both gold and silver tones. I am a big fan of Forever 21 jewelry. No, it is not the best quality, but it is cheap enough to allow you to have a great variety and to keep up with the latest trends.

Crystal Chain Necklace - $55 Jcrew
Beads Earrings - $85 Tiffany & Co.

Cluster Chain Bead Necklace - $12.80 Forever 21
Velvet Flower Pin - $29.50 Jcrew

Pearl Cluster Earrings - $3.80 Forever 21
Captured Metallic Fabric Bangle - $5.80 Forever 21

Chain of Clouds Necklace - $42 Anthropologie
Mini Hoop Earrings - $24.50 Ann Taylor Loft

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