Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bridemaids Dresses That Will be Worn Again...and Again

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. I know. I planned one. Sometimes, as a bride, you can get a little selfish and start over analyzing everything your bridesmaids are doing, or not doing. So, try to put yourself in their position. Or, maybe, you have already been in their position.

One of the biggest gripes from a bridesmaid is over the dresses they have to purchase, have fitted, and wear for one day. Think back to a time where you were wearing something you didn’t like, or didn’t feel comfortable in. Would you want to feel like that in front of 100+ people while walking down and aisle and having your photo taken? I think not.

Woman come in many shape and sizes and it can be very hard to please everyone. If you have a wide range of body types in your wedding party, consider choosing one color and letting the girls chose their own neckline. If everyone is similar, ask what necklines they feel comfortable in. I know not everyone feels comfortable in a strapless dress, especially one that hasn’t been altered correctly. Yes, that can and possibly will happen. I believe it is very important to make these woman feel comfortable at your wedding because, not only is it nice, but you will see it in your photos, it will show in their faces.

If you choose a dress they can wear again after the wedding, it will cut down on the comments about the cost. Bridesmaid dresses are never cheap, but they don’t have to be crazy expensive! I believe if you are going to choose a dress that costs over $250, then you should foot the bill. Now, if you come from a wealthy background and your bridesmaids are also privileged, then that’s an exception. Or if you and your attendants are all set in your careers and are well out of college, that’s another exception. But when you are dealing with a group of woman who haven’t been out of school for too long, are just beginning their careers, and possibly planning weddings of their own, remember that not everyone can just spend hundreds on a dress. Take them into consideration you would hope they would for you.

This all being said, here are some beautiful dresses that can be worn more than just one time and are not crazy expensive. I personally like dresses with more of a flowy look to them. Nothing to stiff or thick as far as the material goes. To me, that screams bridesmaid dress, and I would feel awkward wearing for any other occasion. I hope some of these dresses inspire any future brides or bridesmaids out there!

Vineyard Style 1211 – call for Price* Priscilla of Boston
Beaded Maxi Dress - $89 BCBG (on sale now!)
Sophia in Chiffon 26M27 - $270 Vera Wang
Grace in Satin 26M23 - $240 Vera Wang
Vineyard Style 1504 – call for Price* Priscilla of Boston
Suzi Chin Maggy Silk Chiffon Dress - $168 Nordstrom
Silk Chiffon Juliet Dress - $69-$99 Jcrew (price depends on color)
Silk Chiffon Twist-Tank - $99-$170 Jcrew (price depends on color)
Long Goddess Dress - $79.99 David’s Bridal (on sale now!)
Halter Organza Tea Length Dress - $79.99 David’s Bridal (on sale now!)
Lydia Empire Waist Dress - $199 Ann Taylor
Lizette Silk Crinkle Dress - $199 Ann Taylor
Megan Chiffon Dress 20M12- $180 Vera Wang

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