Thursday, July 16, 2009

Be a Princess Bride

Okay, I know I am on a bit of a wedding theme this week. But it is a very fashionable event for any bride, attendant, family member, or guest.

When many brides to be are asked what look they want to go for, very often they say "I want to feel like a Princess." Now, if you think about it, this is very broad. If we take a look of real and pretend princesses, you will see that their looks are all very different! The only thing I see as a common trend is long sleeves. But that's not very common right now. Especially for brides getting married in the warmer months. And many famous Princesses have been married for a long time now, so the styles have changed!

When I think of a princess wedding gown, I think simplicity, elegance, and good taste. You will probably never see a princess wearing something tacky. Take a look at these Princesses.

Diana and Grace

Mia, Buttercup, and Ariel

I have done some looking around and have come up with some beautiful gowns that I believe would be approved by any Princess. I think it's important to remember to not get anything over powering. Bigger isn't always better- especially when it comes to fashion!

Style EW9848 - $399 David’s Bridal
Alita Graham Style 31622178 - $1500 to $3000 Kleinfelds

Kirstie Kelly Style C2703 - $1000 to $3000 Disney Bridal
Style T8792 - $399 David’s Bridal

Style 2007 – under $999 Alfred Angelo
Style 11419 – Vera Wang (contact for price)

Kirstie Kelly Style A1914 - $1000 to $3000 Disney Bridal
Style12538 - $2500 to $5000 Vera Wang

Style 4203 - $3000 to $5000 Priscilla’s of Boston
Style PL266 - $3000 to $5000 Priscilla’s of Boston

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