Friday, May 22, 2009

Classic Jean Skirt

Jeans skirts have been around for a very long time! They have never really gone out of style. Just the way you wear them has changed. Right now a great look is pairing them with a collared shirt and cute heels. This outfit is a great example of how to pull the look off! The shoes here are from Charlotte Russe and share a striking resemblance to Christian Louboutin Jefferson Platform Sandals! But these are much, much, more affordable and just as cute.

Button Front Top - $35.20 Rampage
Tommy Hilfiger Denim Miniskirt - $48.65 Macy’s (on sale now!)
Black Studded Bag - $44.20 GoJane
Tosider Stilettos - $26.99 Charlotte Russe
Snake Chain Hoop Earrings - $3.80 Forever21
Total cost of Outfit: $158.84

1 comment:

  1. The shoes really look like the Louboutins!