Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vintage Mod for Summer and Fall

A very popular and feminine look is the Vintage Mod look. Stores like Anthropologie and Free People focus on this trend as the base of their fashion. If those stores are out of your budget, wait till they have their excellent sales, or visit Mod Cloth, Lulu's and Forever 21 to get your look.

The following dresses are perfect examples of how to pull off this look. And most of these will still be great to wear on those nice weekends in the fall!
Pleated Neck and Frill Dress - $46.89 Mod Clothing
Kimchi Blue Colorblock Navajo Dress - $68 Urban Outfitters

Kimchi Blue Strappy Sundress - $68 urban Outfitters
Belted Shift Dress - $50 Mod Clothing

Pollyanna Polka Dot Mini Dress - $34 Lulu’s
Striped Top Dress - $19.80 Forever 21

Free People Desert Bloom Dress - $89.60 Bloomingdales (on sale now!)
Interweaved Woven Dress - $19.80 Forever 21

Jacqueline Dress - $98 Anthropologie
Mixed Media Dress - $158 Anthropologie


I love vintage and vintage inspired handbags. They always have such a classic and elegant look. And they are a refreshing change from the handbags you see everyone carrying now. In my opinion, there is nothing special about a bag that you see 1 in every 5-10 woman carrying!

Deena and Ozzy Quilted Tote - $49 Urban Outfitters (on sale now!)
Tilled Expense Hobo - $159 Anthropologie

Carnegie Clutch - $43 Lulu’s
Leather Fold Over Clutch - $100 Etsy

Gold Enchanted Evening Purse - $30 Etsy
Isfahan Bag - $39.95 Anthropologie (on sale now!)

Black Alligator Handbag - $550 Tresor de Vintage
Black and Grey Striped Amelie - $370 Lulu Guiness (UK Prices)

Eenamaria Every Queen Needs One Bag - $53 Ebags
Hobo Bag With Flowers - $19.99 Harriettas Handbags

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