Friday, June 26, 2009

Interview Style

Look of the Day!

After working a year at a staffing agency, I learned a lot about what interviewers are looking at. When they greet you, what they see is their first impression. Every interviewer has an idea of what is appropriate and what is not. When a candidate would come into the staffing agency I worked for, the recruiters would fill out a form to use to help them determine if this was a candidate they would send out to a client for an interview. There was a whole section on what the candidate was wearing. Were they wearing closed toed shoes? Were they wearing pants or a skirt? If wearing a skirt, did they have on stockings? Were they wearing a suit? Interviews are never to be taken casually. If you want the job, don’t lose out on wearing the wrong thing! Many stores have sections on their websites for work clothes and suits. However, some of them have suits with capri pants. This may be okay once you already have the job, but this is an interview DON’T! Also, if wearing a skirt or dress, make sure it falls at least to the knees. Now I don’t always think you have to be in an actual suit, but if you are wearing pants, then I would suggest it be worn with a jacket. The outfit I am putting together uses a skirt, and is dressed up enough that I don’t think you have to have a jacket with it. Worried about spending too much? Suits are not always super expensive. But they are not always cheap either. When I went on interviews, I shopped at NY&Co. and discount stores like Nordstrom Rack and TJMaxx. Here is a great example of something you can wear and keep around after you land that dream job! Just remember to buy some Panty Hose to go with the skirt!!

Lace Yoke Chiffon Shirt - $19.80 Forever21
Micro Stripe Straight Skirt - $43.99 Anne Klein (on sale now!)
Fendi Small Zucca Shopping Roll Tote – $695 Saks 5th Avenue *splurge
Jokers Pumps - $79 Nine West
Double Strand Fresh Water pearl Necklace - $250 Jcrew
Faux Pearl Earrings - $3.80 Forever21

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